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Karin [userpic]

Coincidences happen

March 7th, 2012 (04:00 pm)

When I was watching "Freeter", my family got a lot of troubles from neighbours.  
When I was watching "Tokujo Kabachi", my family had to deal with juristic stuff and laws.
I should be careful with watching doramas)

Karin [userpic]


January 31st, 2012 (06:50 pm)

Today I'd like to come up with a new topic. Just as the previous one, it's usually not discussed openly, I can hardly remember talking about it with my friends, really.
So, it's fears and phobias.
 As for me, I've always been afraid of spiders. It's something that I can't take control of at all. Even though I understand that they're unlikely to hurt me and there're lots of things in the world that are more worth fearing (well, if I can say so~). As soon as I see one I can't stop panicking and could even end up crying. It's got even worse recently 'cause I began to be afraid of all the bugs in common. Yep, including butterflies. I'm okay with pictures, etc, but I can't stand the real things. That's really a sort of disaster!TT I wonder, if it's possible to deal with them in the future.
Do you have any fears or phobias? Fear of flight, of high places, darkness, something uncommon? Or you have has some, maybe? Do you know the ways to get rid of it?

Karin [userpic]


January 12th, 2012 (04:38 pm)

If I was to come up with a subject for conversation, would you discuss it with me in the comments? Whatever your answer is, I'll just do it:D
And my first topic is complexes
As for me, when I was a schoolgirl I worried about my height a lot. You know, I grew up to my 168 cm when I was only 12 and, as a result, a lot of my classmates and friends were shorter. Well, I wouldn't care if it's only for friends, but every single boy I liked  was shorter than me.. about 20 cm less in height>< Personally, I was all ok with it, but I worried how this boy felt, if he cared about people's mind or not and couldn't confess my true feelings. 
What a fool I was! 
Honestly, I'm still one, but not in this business anymore. Happiness isn't related to height. weight, points of view of people around you, look, voice, social background and money. The only thing that matters is for people to be close to each other, care about their beloved ones, take their lover as he/she is, understand all his advantages and disadvantages.
It took a lot of time for me to understand it fully and to get rid of this teenage complex. But thanks to the words of one good person, I could do that.
The latest article in Potato inspired me to write this. Although it's not the thing that has changed my mind, but this is the conclusion of it)

The shape of my body makes boys consider me only as friends?
Q:Being 168 cm high and rather solidly built person isn't quite girlish. If it's for boys, they'll end up calling such a girl only a friend?
A: Isn't it a great thing, to be 168 cm tall! I envy you!(smiles) Listen here, height and shape have nothing to do with love.There're a lot of couples in which the boyfriend is short. In a word, it means that if those people are happy there's no problem. That's why without thinking something like "I'm not quite girlish" go on looking for your own good qualities positively!
Love isn't a thing made with outward appearance!

Have you had any complexes? Do you still have some?

Karin [userpic]

Happy Yamada's birthday!

May 9th, 2011 (04:20 pm)

 This day has come~ Happy birthday, Yamada Ryosuke-kun!
May you succeed in your career and private life in the future as well as you do now!
In fact, he's the first person I've learnt about in JUMP and the first one to become a fan of. Even though it was just a coincidence. More than a year ago I was deeply into reading Shinjo Mayu's manga "Ai Ore" (well, I like it even now), and the writer mentioned that if she was to choose an actor for the main character of the series, she would definitely like him to be Yamada. I got curious - and thanks to this accident got to know about JUMP. So, huge thanks to both Shinjo Mayu and Yamada  for it<3

WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP Yamada's part. 

1) What's your favourite moment in WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP?
In the 5th volume, when smiling Dai-chan gets along well with animals! If it's Dai-chan, the gender and the age don't matter, he exceeds the limits of a living creature, he seems to be loved by people and even animals. It's undoubtedly true that he can become an idol even on a deserted island (laughs). As for the scenes with me, I'll be happy if there's an episode with me playing football. Since I've been busy these days and somehow haven't played it, I want to take on football at least in manga!
2) If you had a girlfriend what kind of person would it be?
A person who behaves firmly. If it's for her dreams or hopes, that person will have them without any doubts. If she's a bit stubborn, it's also fine. If she can say "I am me" with self-confidence, it's good.
3) If it's a date where would you like to go to?
To a waterside (laughs). If it's sea or a riverside, going to a place with water give a healing feeling, right? That's why I want to make a heartwarming date with going to a place like this. While gazing at a river or a sea, we'll have various talks. Even if she's bad at it, I'll be happy to receive a bento that she's made with all of her mights.
4) What's the place you have a lot memories with?
There're a lot of places. The studio when we were filming dorama, the stage where I had a concert - there're so many of them that I can not choose only one.
5) What present you've received from other members made you the happiest?
As for me, it's not a property. It's a laughing voice. Because I always hear the laughing voices of all of the members who're having fun, it heals me and my tension also rises. I really love JUMP members a lot, right? (laughs)

Thanks for reading!
If you find any mistakes, I beg you to tell me about it. Let's make the translation as correct as possible together!
Re-translating, re-posting and linking back are allowed.
Thanks to hisakolychee for the correction!

Karin [userpic]


April 6th, 2011 (05:37 pm)

 Hacker's attack's on LJ were truly a disaster. Because of it there was no LJ access on Friday and Saturday, that's why I couldn't post anyting for Keito's birthday. So, today, I'd like to pay the debts)

Keito, happy belated birthday! May all of your hard-work be worthy! May all of your aims be reached by you! May you have your dearest friends by your side! May you be able to overcome your shyness sometimes (even though it's cute!)!

WaiWaiHey!Say!JUMP  Keito's part

1) What's your favourite moment in WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP?
Everything. Since everything there is so funny!
2) If you had a girlfriend what kind of person would it be?
A free person who does things that she likes would be good. If she is too kind to me, then I would say "I'm sorry that you had to pay so much attention to me". That's why if the girl is more or less selfish it's okay for me. I'm already used to Chinen being the hard one to deal with. (laughs).
3) If it's a date where would you like to go to?
Aquarium. Since I don't know any special information about fish, I cannot explain anything to her. I want both of us to scream like "Theyre great~" while looking at rare species of fish.
4) What's the place you have a lot memories with?
England where I was studying abroad from 9 till 14 years years old. Although the town is in countryside, It was fun because there were a lot of places to play. Since I lived in the hostel of our school when I was abroad, I had a lot of friends there. But then when I returned to Japan for holidays, the debut was suddenly decided. And with it since I didn't go back to England, I didn't tell goodbye to my friends properly and I still worry about it. That's why I want to go to England once more and to meet with my friends.
5) What present you've received from other members made you the happiest?
The word "Thanks", probably. Although it means that I've done something to hear it, right?.. Since I don't mean I've done something special, this word resounds in my heart. When somebody says "Thanks" to you, you somehow become full of warm feelings, don't you? That's why I feel happy.

Ryutaro, happy birthday! It must be tough to be the youngest in JUMP and at the same time to be the eldest of siblings in your own family, ne~ But still you seem to overcome this little difficulty without changing your unusual personality. May you be just like you are!

WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP Ryutaro's part

1) What's your favourite moment in WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP?
It's in the 4th volume, I like the scene when Inoo-chan's dogs Jam and Ann appear. It was depicted very cute. Since Ikeep a dog in my house too, I want it to appear for sure next time.
2) If you had a girlfriend what kind of person would it be?
A person conversations with whom are always interesting. If we don't talk, I'll think "Ah, what should I do?" and that's really bad, that's why it'll be great with a talkative person. I'll be listening to her saying something like "Yep, that's right". (laughs)
3) If it's a date where would you like to go to?
My dream is Okinawa. Because I haven't been there by myself, I just want to try it. Since the sea is beautiful, it's be good if we could enjoy Jet Ski or water sports.
4) What's the place you have a lot memories with?
Kanazawa. Because no matter what happens it's still a place where I was born and where my grandfather lives. What's more, Kanazawa'a marine products are delicious and that's the best place for them. I haven't visited this place reacently, but when I have enough time, I want to go there again.
5) What present you've received from other members made you the happiest?
Although it was 3-4 years ago when JUMP wasn't formed yet, it's a sweatshirt I received from Hikaru-kun. I don't know why he presented it to me, but I stll was happy. The base is black, one side is blue and another is red, so, it's such a flashy sweatshirt. Even though I haven't ever worn it outside, I used to wear it as a pajamas. (laughs) I can't wear it now since it became too little for me, but nice memories still remain.

If you find any mistakes in the translation, please, tell me. Let's make it as accurate as possible together!
Re-posting, re-translating and linking back are all okay for me.
Thanks for reading!
Thanks to hisakolychee for the corrections!

Karin [userpic]

Takaki translation~

March 26th, 2011 (10:49 am)

So, today Takaki's turning 21.
Happy birthday~
Although at this age you're considered to be an adult, it's really precious that you still have your childish heart, that you're still thought to be such a child by people around you. Go on doing your best with your open-hearted, cheerful personality! Go on smiling with your child's smile like you do!
I hope, you'll have a chance today to celebrate your birthday with other BEST members (and 7, maybe) like you always do in spite of all the difficulties.

I've decided to post a translation that's concerned with the most unique part of Takaki - the gap between his  character and appearance. I wish, you'll enjoy it)

Myojo, February 2008.


The heart of a child.
Come to think of it, I've been called childish by Yamada. At the times when I'm addicted with something, I think I'm really childish. For example, when there's a festival and I go outside at the time when  it seems like one can't hang out, I become all excited. Food carts standing in a line, various colours of illumination, the smell of yakisoba... I've been really weak when it comes to that certain atmosphere ever since I was a kid! In a moment I come back to my kindergarten age (laughs). Besides, amusement park is also bad. If I go there, I stay all excited by the atmosphere and I go around riding the rides. Ah, by the way, I've been into Hikaru-kun's gags almost as much as festivals and amusement parks recently! They're really amazing! When he's making fun of things around him and imitating somebody... It's very funny! And my tension becomes high at once. Well, that's why when Yamada tells me "You're a child" when I'm in high spirits... I feel like Yamada's the one who makes the most noise all the time among the members though(laughs).  

The appearance of an adult.
I have an image of a person who can look older than I am for real. As for clothing, although I don't choose monotone adult clothes that I like, but still I'm fairly tall so I could be thought of that way.... What's more, I often hear from the people I've just met "You're like an adult". Even though I don't really think so myself. Well, talking about adult points that I have, I do my best to turn on and off from the work mood to the private one! If it's the work mood, I turn into a reliable adult and can concentrate well (laughs). Just like that, to be able to get "sharp behaviour" in different situations is the first step to become an adult, right? In addition to that, when you stay on the stage, don't you want to look like an adult? That's why, no matter what, in order to make my singing and dancing cool I have to think about it everyday, don't I? Making the senpais to be my example, I'll try hard.  

If you find any mistakes, please, tell me about it. Let's make the translation as accurate as possible, ok?
Feel free to re-post, re-translate and link back.
Comments are <3
Thanks for reading!

Thanks to hisakolychee for the corrections.

Karin [userpic]


January 30th, 2011 (08:47 pm)

The 31th of January has come to Japan already and that means that Yabu's turning 21!
Happy birthday, Yabu-san! To the one who's done a lot to unite JUMP members since the debut, to the one who's become JUMP's dearest leader and simply to a very kind and tolerant person, Happy 21! And thank you that you've been the way that you are all the time.
May you see a lot of your friends' smiles today and all the year along. May you smile with them happily!

Well, and here is a birthday translation. As usual it's from Jr. time. Ya-ya-yah members went really random in this article, but it's a totally funny randomness after all.

Myojo, september 2006.

The analysis of Yabu Kota's components (in their own ways)
Gelatin - 30%, agar-agar - 29%, glass - 40%, the skin of a mouse - 1%
My heart is of glass since it's easy to break (laughs)" - that's how Yabu analyses himself. Shoon replies in a moment: "Nope, you're purple like agar-agar!" And "Then, let it be "gelatin"! He spends almost all of his holidays transparently!" Hikaru says . "No way... Without transparency, please~" begs Yabu. "Then, it's not "the skin of a mouse" either, right?" Taiyou says...

The diagnosis of the character from members.
Hikaru: "Yabu has a habit to become energetic all at once when the subject of the talks comes to be football. He's leading in the topic he likes, but when it comes to other ones he's in bad mood..... (laughs)"
Taiyou: "He's a person who does what he can. But, it'd be better if he stopped forgetting about hes debts, yup".
Shoon: " When he rides a train or when he's free at the backstage,I have the image of him foolishly playing with the folding phone! That's why when it instantly breaks down, he gets a new model of the phone. He just cant' quiet down with it, can he?.. (laughs)"

Important place.
Football field.
I've made a football team with my school friends recently. That's why I spend a lot of time on the football field. By the way, the name of our team is "Bakacelona" (laughs)(note: the combination of words "baka"(fool) and "Barcelona"(football club)) We have training 1-2 times a week, and everytime I become all heated up~ To increase our fighting spirit we've made uniform. And of course the number of mine is 7! For some reason absolutely all of my favourite players like Beckham or Nakada have 7 on their back. As for another place I visit quite often, it's the park in my neighbourhood. It's been my favourite place since I was a child.
Free time.
Morning, lunch and going home!!
From the time I wake up at morning I begin the day in high tension. I always hear form my friends with whom I go to school together "You're so full of spirit in the early morning..." But I barely reach school when my mood goes down at once...Because no matter how hard I try it's difficult for me to seat patiently there. Anyhow, lunch revives me, as soon as lessons are over I scream "Let's play!", and I become full of tension again~

Usual food.
Meatballs and pasta!
My favourite food is meat balls! There's no doubt that I've liked so much it since my childhood~ Barely I notice that it's been placed in my bento when my tension rises. Then, it seems that I like all kinds of pasta. It has a special slurping charm point... That's impossible to resist!

The set of teeth.
I brush them every day for 10 minutes.
To keep my set of teeth nice I have a determination to polish it.One out of 3 times a day I teeth my teeth heartily for 10 minutes.Firstly, I do it firmly with dentifrice and then I brush my teeth for some time with water only. With that my teeth become brilliant. I suggest it!

Thanks for reading!
If you find any mistakes don't hesitate to tell me immediately. Let's make the translation as correct as possible together!
Feel free to re-post, re-translate and link back.

Karin [userpic]

Yay for JUMP on radio!

December 14th, 2010 (05:40 pm)

 During school breaks in our lyceum we always have our school radio playing. It broadcast only in our lyceum and if we want we can order our favourite songs to play for special occasions.
And since it's Katya-chan's birthday today (btw, Happy birthday again!), a little idea struck the two of us. "Let's ask to broadcast JUMP song for you! Which one you'd like?" Certainly, the final choice was "Arigatou~ Sekai no doko ni itemo"! Our classmate who's responsible for the radio was kind enough to allow us this<3
So, we could enjoy this song playing all around our lyceum! Yay~ Honestly, it's rather strange to listen to "Arigatou" like this but SO great at the same time**
Unexpectedly, even some of our classmates really enjoyed the song) Is it time for World debut for JUMP?) Anyhow, their radio debut in Russia has been made already)

Karin [userpic]

Birthday translation again~

December 1st, 2010 (08:49 pm)

 Hikaru-kun's birthday is coming step by step. It has conquered Japan already and now is rapidly spreading all over the world.  No panic please, it's certainly a good thing.

Hikaru-kun, thank you so much for shining, for smiling and making others smile! Thanks for all the hard work you're doing for JUMP, for making the concept of your concerts, for caring about other JUMP members, for being our mood maker. Even though it's your hatachi, please, don't forget about your child-like part too, we love both your adult and child sights after all. Happy birthday~

Hikaru, Jr. time interview. And again I don't know the magazine exactly. It must be 2003's Myojo, but which one, I wonder?

If you're trying to use your time wisely, it eventually becomes enjoyful.
Saving your time.
I seriousely think that there've risen the amount of people wasting time! It's like a house wife who's crunching sweets when she has to do the housework (laughs). After all people used to walk fastera long time ago... And even monkeys are faster.. Now we're slow! That's why I'm really trying to save time! Fpr example, when I'm heading to my work place, I get tension listening to the music. Because of it when I arrive at there I'll be able to work already. What's more, if I look through my schedule for the next day in the train, I make use of this fruitless time in there! Saving time like this, it becomes fun after all, right?
The times I spend without doing anything give me lots of power!
Once in a month I make it empty.
When i face difficulties, I always try to use one day to make my head empty. There should be nothing! I have to truly stop thinking about anything. It won't work out if I don't. I just spend time lazily in my room. It must be about 3 hours that I can spend like this, maybe? But I can do it only if I'm skipping school when I catch a cold, right? From having a slow rest, you certainly get a very special kind of energy... If the person can't make his head empty, he won't be able to get energy, right? When I started to do it, it seems that I just entered the first class of juniour high school. Even thogh I faced a lot of difficulties in junior high, I could cope with them. That's why I can guarantee the result with my experience.
To eat well, to smile well, to sleep well - that's the best!
The healthiest.
I always pay attention to the place where I eat my bento. In the bento, that is provided on the work place, the food falue isn't balanced. That's why I prefer buying a salad by myself and then eat it with everyone. And then we laugh together! During the filming of "Kinpachi" there aren't a lot of times when we can laugh, that's why when we have a break, I always spend that time talking with other people from "3B class" and having fun with them. Well, it seems that I'm originally the person who laughs the most. And then... According to the plan, it's sleeping! Because I have only one blanket it's important to wear my PJ. My futon is a bit too big and I get tired when I'm doing my bed. Now I wear fluffy pants made of fleece to sleep. With inventing various rules I make the condition of my body balanced.

Feel free to tell me if you find any mistakes. Let's make the translation as correct as possible together!
Re-postig and re-translating are absolutely fine for me.

Karin [userpic]

Chinen-kun, Happy birthday!^o^

November 29th, 2010 (05:59 pm)

 Well, the 30th has already begun in Japan, right? So, it's time to congratulate Chinen-kun!
I hope he'll have a lot of wonderful memories of this day, that he'll be cheered with his friends' and family's warm smiles, with their love. And not only today, I wish every single day of Chinen-kun's life will be filled with happiness and lots of new experience. Remain yourself, continue fighting for your dream - you know these simple rules greatly, don't you? Happy birthday, Chinen-kun~

And now I want to post some translations of his interviews. I've decided to choose Chinen-kun's talks from his Junior times to show how much he's changed in some way and what in his character still remains the same.

Chinen-kun's comment about voice-acting from http://www.stranja.jp/

Since it was the first time for me to challenge voice acting, I worried if I could synchronize my voice in the film.
Since my face is not seen and it's only the acting of my voice I had to be especially careful because I had to bear in mind that I should pronounce all the words loudly and clearly.
For the scene when my character is riding a horse shaking I've got an idea how to reflect the voice of a person who's shaking.
Even though it was a historical movie, there are more conversations of characters that remained in my memory than fighting scenes.

Chinen-kun's interview after NINxNIN. If you know the magazine the scan was taken from, please, tell me~

Jr. Bang. Special talk.

TV-game and a concert. Such a little dream is what I'm begging from Santa~

Well, this time we have a special talk with Chinen whose popularity has been rising very quickly with the film "NINxNIN ninja Hattori-kun The Movie".

Now I'm into mobile ones now. Even though I've started to play RPG too, I still somehow can't get "clear" (laughs). As for TV games, I have software for "Dragon Quest" that I've received from SMAP's Katori-kun but I don't have suitable equipment at home to play it. That's why this Chrstmas I'll write to Santa such a wish: "Please, present me a hard disk. But. you know, I really want an anime fighting game too...Even though I haven't seen Santa himself, when I was on the 3rd year of elementary school I found a game as a present on the top of my pillow.
I learn jazz dancing 3 times a week. It's very enjoyful to dance! There has been a concert of local danes the other day. Since it was held in a large hall, I was really nervous.I even made a little mistake in swinging. And before the concert there had been "Souran Bushi" from "3 nen B-gumi Kinpachi-sensei". But the dance was a bit different. Even though I like "Kinpachi-sensei" very much and watch it every week, it's only "Souran bushi" that I want to perform. Ah, and I want to go to my senpais' concerts too! When I once went to KAT-TUN concert that was held in Tokyo's Odaiba, it was very enjoyful. At the time "No matter, matter" played, I felt a real tension.
When my friends and me decide to play games, we play soccer! I really love soccer. The team that is leading now id Urawa Reds (Urawa Red Diamonds). I like their player Santos (Alessandro). They're leading since they defeated Shimizu S-Pulse. We're having a penalty kick tournament at our schoo soon. I'm looking forward to it so much~

Tell me if you find mistakes in the translations, I'll be happy to make them as correct as possible.
Re-posting and re-translating are all ok for me.

Btw, I'll try to end one more translation today, but I can't promise finishing it in time..

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